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Business StartUp & Business Formation

Starting a new business? Starting a new business is exciting and thrilling. It's all that comes after the excitement and thrill have worn off that determines whether a business will make it or not. We support you in avoiding the common pitfalls that many owners make when starting a business.
Success lies in the approach you choose to take

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StartUp Set Up & Advice

Starting A Business

  • Run through a selection of business structures that best fits your needs by evaluating tax advantages, legal exposure, ease of operation and portability
  • Prepare and file your application for your Inland Revenue number
  • Develop a solid Partnership Agreement. This is an extremely important document for all new partnerships and will help prevent a tremendous amount of financial and emotional problems down the road
  • Guide you in the setup of the right banking structure
  • Suggest the right accounting software by evaluating your budget and needs

StartUp Accounting & Tax

StartUp Accounting & Tax

  • Provide guidance on a comprehensive list of claimable expenses (dependent on your industry) that you need to be aware of and keep details of
  • Provide correct guidance on home office, vehicle usage, entertainment and travel related expenses
  • Discuss the best way to save for tax and how best to structure your bank accounts based on your situation
  • Workout what percentage to save for GST and Income Tax so there is no or minimal shortfall at the end of the financial year and to avoid IRD penalties and interest
  • Explain how provisional and terminal tax works
  • Workout your student loan and Kiwisaver obligations
  • Explain how owners' drawings works and how to best structure it to suit your situation
  • Make it easy and hassle-free for you to give us accounting information to prepare GST and end of year accounts and tax returns for you.
  • Prepare and file GST Returns and Business and Personal Income Tax Returns on your behalf
  • Advise you of your tax obligations and tax due dates
  • Regular reminders on provision of GST and accounting information
  • Reminders on Provisional Tax and Terminal Tax due dates and amounts
  • Ensure that everything is filed on time so you avoid costly and unnecessary IRD penalties and interest.

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What Our Clients Say

  • Mustansar Anwar ul Samad
    Intel Accountants have been taking care of Income tax and GST for me for more than 5 years now and quite happy with the service. Very professional and responsive, really appreciate the quick replies for the queries I send their way.
    Mustansar Anwar ul Samad
  • Sujeevan Nagarajah
    I've been using Intel Accountants for few years now and very happy with their services. They take care of all my accounting needs while I can fully focus on my business. They are friendly and always responds to my questions. I highly recommended them.
    Sujeevan Nagarajah
  • Samantha Heydenrych
    The team at Intel Accountants have been looking after my business and personal accounts for almost 3 years. They are professional, responsive, friendly, affordable and take all the stress out of doing GST and Income Tax returns. I highly recommend their services!
    Samantha Heydenrych
  • Karen Bryce
    We have been using Intel Accountants for our company and personal end of year taxes for a number of years now. Everything is so easy and straightforward. Can't ask for more than that! Very reasonably priced too. Highly recommended.
    Karen Bryce
  • Milad Rafiei
    They've done my accounts for over 2 years. Professional service. Helpful and friendly.
    Milad Rafiei
  • Inah Mundy
    Intel Accountants have looked after our business and personal accounts for 8 years now. We don't have to worry about a thing. Highly recommended.
    Inah Mundy
  • Anahi Bravo
    I highly recommend Intel Accountants. I reached out to them while having an issue and they solved it promptly and smoothly. I'll keep having them as my allies after this first successful experience.
    Anahi Bravo
  • Blair Sowman
    I've been using Intel Accounts for many years now; looking after my personal and property accounting needs. I've always found them to be fantastic to deal with and they have always provided excellent services.
    Blair Sowman
  • Reuben Muusers
    Intel Accountants are the best around. Top personal approach and very professional. I switched to them 10 years ago and saved a lot of money on accountant fees and taxes. I have not had an overdue tax penalty since, thanks to comprehensive reminders and great free advice. The Intel team is always a phone call or email away. I would highly recommend their services to anyone looking to streamline and simplify their tax obligations!
    Reuben Muusers
  • Karen Bult
    This is the first year that I have used Intel Accountants. They promptly answered all my questions and prepared my accounts in a timely fashion. Their cost is reasonable and I would highly recommend them
    Karen Bult
  • Russell Blackburn
    I have used Intel accountants for four years now and am very happy with the service. The costs are reasonable, the work is always professional and my queries are always responded to promptly.
    Russell Blackburn
  • Nisha Ravji
    I've been using Intel accountants since the beginning of my business and can't recommend them highly enough. I would be absolutely lost without them and trust them entirely. Having an accountant that you can lean on means you are free to focus on the reasons you actually started your business and pursuing your passions! For me they are the most valuable investment I could make in the overall scope of what I do.
    Nisha Ravji
  • Fariha Ali
    I got contact details for Intel Accountants through a friend. From the moment I decided to start the business, setting up the company and running it, Intel Accountants knowledge, advice and commitment has been outstanding. They have helped me every step of the way. Any questions are answered promptly. I highly recommend Intel Accountants to anyone that is looking for more than just an accountant but a business advisor as well.
    Fariha Ali
  • John Pearce
    The Intel team have been doing my accounting for the past few years and since they have taken over I haven't had to worry! Professional, efficient, detailed and patient I can highly recommend Intel Accountants to anyone and everyone - businesses small and large. The value in a great Accountant for your business is priceless - someone who genuinely has an interest in the growth and passion you have for what you do is what you'll find with Intel.
    John Pearce
  • The service and advice Intel Accountants provides our company has been fantastic! They are approachable, friendly, and provides advice and assistance well beyond what we expected. Having a general lack of understanding regarding accounting, Intel Accountants puts us at ease speaking in language we understand. They have saved our company money on accounting fees. Very highly recommended.
  • Lavina Patel
    I got recommended Intel Accountants from one my colleagues whilst contracting. I have received great service from them over the last two years. They even handled my family Trust accounts with ease. I have since recommended to other. Highly recommended.
    Lavina Patel
  • Chris Hill
    I found dealing with Intel Accountants so easy. Their process is easy to follow. Best of all, I didn't need the likes of Xero (which I thought I needed). Taking the worry free accounting package was the one of the best things I did. If you are in the ICT industry - you need this. Cheers.
    Chris Hill
  • Lisa Wells
    I am a dental surgeon working via locum. Had no clue about accounts and taxes. Met with Intel Accountants and everything just fell into place. Everything was explained in simple english. I literally only spend 5 mins every two months to send info through. The rest is taken care of. No hassle. Highly recommended if you are someone like me.
    Lisa Wells

Our Difference


We always give you our fees upfront so that you know how much our service will cost. Whilst our service level is of the highest quality, our fees are competitive and knowing what it will cost gives our clients peace of mind.


We care about our providing an excellent service to our clients. We are here for you when you need us. We aren’t punching the time-clock every time we have a conversation. Let's work together to achieve a successful outcome.


We have mastered the art of explaining things in non accounting speak. Proper understanding is the key to making the right decisions. Let us help you get to know your position so you can make informed decisions.


Tax compliance isn’t particularly easy to get your head around. Fortunately, we know the ins and outs of it and you’ll always have the peace of mind that it’s been taken care of correctly.

Frequently Asked Questions

1Do we need to meet in person?
Not necessarily. This is totally up to you.

We can do everything online via emails and phone conversations.

However, if you prefer to meet then we can arrange that too.

2Can everything be done online?

Yes absolutely.

Everything including securely reviewing and digitally signing of documents can be done online.

3Do you only service Auckland clients?

We service clients New Zealand wide.

In fact, our clients are quite evenly split between Auckland / Rest of New Zealand.

4Why are your services so much more affordable than other accountants?

There are a couple of reasons.

Whatever works for you - works for us...

The majority of accountants incorporate the cost of the software such as Xero subscription in their fees leading their clients to pay more. Quite often we find that a lot of clients do not even use all the features they are paying for!

We simply work with whatever the client is comfortable with. If you are using a spreadsheet or using a bank account to manage business activities or if you are using Xero or MYOB - whatever works for you is fine with us.

We don't work out of fancy offices

Over the years, we have streamlined our processes and achieved efficiency. This means that our staff can work from home and get the job done. We are fully online and use the latest technology to ensure efficiency. This leads to savings which we can pass onto the clients.

If you need to meet us - no worries. We can either meet you at a place convenient to you at a time that is good for you. Alternatively - we have an office if New Windsor, Auckland where you can pop in and see us.

Meetings are of-course by appointment only.

5Do I need to have Xero?

Nope. We work with with clients that have Xero and also those that don't or have other accounting software such as MYOB, Quickbooks etc..

We understand that if you might have your own preferred software which you are comfortable with - so we will work with whatever you are comfortable with.

6What if I need a customised package?
No worries. We can do it all. We can create a custom package for you. Any add on service will be discounted as well. Brilliant!
7Are you registered Tax Agents & Accountants?

We are registered Tax Agents with the Inland Revenue Department. We have an excellent rapport with them and have been awarded Certificate of Achievement for 100% filings for the last 3 years.

We are also Certified Public Accountants under CPA. We are governed by professional standards. This means that the service you get is from a registered professional accountant as oppose to one that has no governing body.

8How hard is it to change from my existing accountants?

Not hard at all.

Once you agree for us to act as your accountants, we’ll get you to sign a Letter of Engagement which sets out our terms and conditions. Then we’ll contact your existing accountant and organise the smooth transfer of any information.

You won’t need to contact them at all if you don’t want to. We can take care of the lot.

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