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Small Business Accountants Auckland

Our 'Small Business' Accounting & Tax Package is perfect for both established and growing small businesses, sole traders and contractors. Whether you need your accounting and tax done accurately and on-time OR are looking for accountants that can take your business to the next level with sound advice, this package is for you.

It has all the essentials - plus a whole lot more - without costing "an arm and a leg".

Who Will Love This

Established Small Businesses

Growing Small Businesses

Sole Traders



What We Do

Annual Financial Statements

Whether you operate as a sole trader, partnership, company, trust or have rental properties, we prepare accurate Annual Financial Statements that comply with the Accounting Standards and IRD requirements.

GST Returns

Ensuring that you are paying the correct GST is vital for cashflow. We remind, prepare and file the GST returns on your behalf on time, everytime. Furthermore, we claim all allowable deductions to reduce your GST bill or maximise your refund.

Income Tax Returns

Perhaps the most important tax return to most, we diligently prepare and file Annual Income Tax Returns on behalf of you and your business. The aim: tax minimisation.

Advice & Support

Every business owner needs accounting and/or tax advice from time to time. We ensure that you get the correct most tax advantageous advice based on your circumstances.

Tax Minimisation Strategies

One of the core elements why our clients stick with us for years is that we ensure that you pay the least amount of tax for your circumstance.

Provisional Tax & Reminders

Paying the right tax is important but paying at the right time is even more important. Not only does it save your from IRD penalties and interest, it makes cashflow easier too. We remind you when to pay what ahead of time.

Payroll & PAYE Returns

To save your administration works and time, we can process Payroll and ensure that PAYE returns are filed on time with the IRD.

Other Returns

We can calculate, prepare and file other required returns such as Fringe Benefit Tax (FBT), Resident Withholding Tax (RWT), Dividend Withholding Tax (DWT) to ensure correct filing with the IRD.

Our Difference


1Do we need to meet in person?
Not necessarily. This is totally up to you.

We can do everything online via emails and phone conversations.

However, if you prefer to meet then we can arrange that too.

2Can everything be done online?

Yes absolutely.

Everything including securely reviewing and digitally signing of documents can be done online.

3Do you only service Auckland clients?

We service clients New Zealand wide.

In fact, our clients are quite evenly split between Auckland / Rest of New Zealand.

4Do I need to have Xero?

Nope. We work with with clients that have Xero and also those that don't.

We understand that if you are small business, sole trader, consultant or contractor, you may just wish to keep things on a spreadsheet or track income and expenses via a bank account.

That's not a problem. We can work with whatever way you record information.

Remember, Xero is an administration software i.e for invoicing, payroll, debtors .creditors ledger etc. It is not necessary to have Xero to do accounting.

5Can I get Xero added to this package?

Need Xero in addition to the 'Business' Accounting & Tax Package? Sure thing.

We can setup, implement and train you to use Xero and added it to the Mid Package.

6What if I need a customised package?
No worries. We can do it all. We can create a custom package for you. Any add on service will be discounted as well. Brilliant!
7Why are your services so much more affordable than other accountants?

There are a couple of reasons.

Whatever works for you - works for us...

The majority of accountants incorporate the cost of the software such as Xero subscription in their fees leading their clients to pay more. Quite often we find that a lot of clients do not even use all the features they are paying for!

We simply work with whatever the client is comfortable with. If you are using a spreadsheet or using a bank account to manage business activities or if you are using Xero or MYOB - whatever works for you is fine with us.

We don't work out of fancy offices

Over the years, we have streamlined our processes and achieved efficiency. This means that our staff can work from home and get the job done. We are fully online and use the latest technology to ensure efficiency. This leads to savings which we can pass onto the clients.

If you need to meet us - no worries. We can either meet you at a place convenient to you at a time that is good for you. Alternatively - we have an office if New Windsor, Auckland where you can pop in and see us.

Meetings are of-course by appointment only.

8Why don't you have prices for each package displayed?

We believe one size does not fit all. Generally, you would not want to pay for services that are superfluous to your needs.

Therefore, we quote prices based on your business needs, size and the work required. Fees are fixed for the services we discuss therefore there will be no surprises for you. All plans have a pay monthly option.

Ultimately, our practice is based on the ethos of client satisfaction - that has what has given us success.

9How hard is it to change from my existing accountants?

Not hard at all.

Once you agree for us to act as your accountants, we’ll get you to sign a Letter of Engagement which sets out our terms and conditions. Then we’ll contact your existing accountant and organise the smooth transfer of any information.

You won’t need to contact them at all if you don’t want to. We can take care of the lot.

10Are you registered Tax Agents & Accountants?

We are registered Tax Agents with the Inland Revenue Department. We have an excellent rapport with them and have been awarded Certificate of Achievement for 100% filings for the last 3 years.

We are also Certified Public Accountants under CPA. We are governed by professional standards. This means that the service you get is from a registered professional accountant as oppose to one that has no governing body.

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