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Business Accounting & Tax

Good business accounting allows you to make informed decisions, plan for the future and unlock opportunities. However, at times it is all encompassing and keeping on top of regular tax policy changes may seem daunting.

Let us take the time and stress off you so you can focus on growing your business and more importantly spending quality time with your loved ones..

Our Services

Accounting Services

  • Annual Financial Statements
  • Business Plans
  • Forecasting & Budgeting
  • Monthly Management Accounts
  • Unlimited Phone and Email Support
  • Free Advice

Taxation Services

  • Tax Advice & Planning
  • Income Tax Returns
  • GST Returns (Goods and Services Tax)
  • FBT Returns (Fringe Benefits Tax)
  • PAYE Returns (Pay As You Earn Tax)
  • Tax Reminders

Accounting Services & Guidance

  • Discuss the best way to save for tax and how best to structure your bank accounts
  • Advice on how best to take monies out of your business
  • Guidance on what expenses to claim - every dollar of expenses claimed reduces GST and Income Tax
  • Provide guidance on a comprehensive list of claimable expenses (dependent on your industry) that you need to be aware of and keep details of
  • Provide correct guidance around home office, vehicle usage, entertainment and travel related expenses
  • Guidance on overseas tax laws and its NZ impact if you are trading overseas
  • Guidance on how to create tax law compliant invoices
  • Explain how provisional and terminal tax works
  • Explain how owners drawings works and how to best structure it to suit your situation
  • Make it easy and hassle-free for you to give us accounting information to prepare GST and end of year accounts and tax returns for you
  • Help you get the right insurance set up for your needs in your industry
  • How and what business accounting records to keep and for how long

Tax Returns

GST | Income Tax | Other Taxes

  • Prepare and file GST returns on your behalf
  • Prepare and file Business and Personal Income Tax returns on your behalf
  • Prepare Annual Financial Statements
  • Prepare ad-hoc Financial Statements as and when needed
  • Prepare regular Management Accounts and Board Packs
  • Advise you of your tax obligations and tax due dates
  • Regular reminders on provision of GST and accounting information
  • Reminders on Provisional Tax and Terminal Tax due dates and amounts
  • Ensure that everything is filed on time so you avoid costly and unnecessary IRD penalties and interest

Other Taxes & Compliance

  • Prepare and file FBT Returns on your behalf
  • Advise you of your Student Loan obligations and due dates
  • Annual Companies Office Return prepared and filed on your behalf
  • Dividend Statements prepared according to your company constitution
  • Help you with due diligence on mergers and acquisitions
  • Any other taxes that you need help with

Business Accounting Packages

We offer fixed fee accounting packages.

We know that one size does not fit all, therefore our pricing is based on your particular needs.

Not sure which plan suits you? No worries. Let’s have a chat and we can tailor something for you.

Our Difference


We are Business Accounting Specialists. We have been in the game for a long time and we ensure that our clients get the best tax advantage.


Tax compliance isn’t particularly easy to get your head around. Fortunately, we know the ins and outs of it and you’ll always have the peace of mind that it’s been taken care of correctly.


We care about our providing an excellent service to our clients. We are here for you when you need us. We aren’t punching the time-clock every time we have a conversation. Let's work together to achieve a successful outcome.


We always give you our fees upfront so that you know how much our service will cost. Whilst our service level is of the highest quality, our fees are competitive and knowing what it will cost gives our clients peace of mind.


We have mastered the art of explaining things in non accounting speak. Proper understanding is the key to making the right decisions. Let us help you get to know your position so you can make informed decisions.


Our fee is tailored to your specific business. If you are using our other accounting services such as property or trust accounting - we will create an affordable customised solution for you.
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